Foreign patients can also leave it to Lehua Umejima Osteopathic Clinic in Umejima, Adachi Ward!

About us

At Lehua Umejima Osteopathic Clinic, we pursue the fundamental cause of painful symptoms and provide treatment.
All of our staff have experience as sports trainers and work as trainers in various sports fields such as track and field, surfing, and handball.

We have staff who can provide treatment and rehabilitation for many injuries through sports activities, and staff with stretching, chiropractic correction, and acupuncture techniques will carefully perform examinations and treatments. .


professional consultation

Staff with national medical qualifications will manually check your body and give you an explanation before performing the treatment.

People like this are coming to the hospital.

  • Chronically (long-term) troubled
  • People who are suffering from stress and pain in their lower back at work and would like to do something about it.
  • My neck and shoulders hurt from working at a desk.
  • It hurts when I wake up in the morning
  • My feet hurt when I walk or climb stairs
  • We accept patients of foreign nationality.

Media coverage record


Patient's voice

【腰痛】Y.M様 10代女性
[Mr. Y.M., resident of Soka City, teenager, back pain] My back pain has been cured! ! I'm commuting from Soka City! My lower back pain that never went away has been cured! It's close to the station and the teachers are kind, so it's very easy to go! If you want to cure your back pain, please come to Lehua Umejima Osteopathic Clinic! ! *This is my personal opinion. In effect there are individual differences.
【マタニティー整体・産後骨盤矯正】足立区在住 Y様 30代
[Maternity chiropractic/postpartum pelvic correction Mr. Y, 30s, living in Adachi Ward] I have been working with Dr. Kasaki for over 2 years since my pelvic correction after giving birth to my first child! I am currently 8 months pregnant with my second child and am receiving regular care. Her stomach has grown, and it must be putting strain on her buttocks and waist, but thanks to her going to Lehua, she doesn't have any problems. The other day, my husband, who had a strained back, started coming here, and my girlfriend's family has been taking care of him. I would like to ask Dr. Kasaki for help during the later stages of pregnancy and after giving birth. *This is my personal opinion. In effect there are individual differences.
【膝痛 R.Y様】
[Knee pain female R.Y] I go to Lehua Umejima Osteopathic Clinic. I was suffering from pain in the back of my right knee. He explained the pain in my body in detail, and with efficient treatment, the pain went away and I was able to walk smoothly! I'm doing my best with the stretches you taught me. *This is my personal opinion. In effect there are individual differences.

Contents of treatment

Shiatsu massage to relax muscles

Relax the muscles that support your lower back and lower back. By relaxing the muscles, you can maximize the effects of stretching and correction and maintain a good condition.
Furthermore, by improving blood circulation and increasing self-healing ability, you will quickly progress towards improvement.
We perform an inspection each time to determine which part of the problem is present, and carefully loosen the areas to be treated.

Stretching to increase range of motion

By stretching your muscles and increasing your range of motion, you reduce the strain on the injured area. During the examination, we will check your range of motion and perform stretches that are appropriate for you.
Even if your body is stiff, if you keep doing it, you will definitely get softer.

Skeletal correction

If your skeleton is distorted and causing pain, we will correct it to return it to its correct position and reduce the burden on your body.
We will improve your condition by correcting symptoms such as herniated disc, spinal canal stenosis, and hunched back treatment.
In order to move in the right direction, our staff will perform an inspection and determine the condition before making the correct correction.

Reservation required

At Lehua Umejima Osteopathic Clinic, we welcome both patients who are covered by Japanese National Insurance and those who are not. Consultations are basically by reservation only. Therefore, we strongly encourage patients to schedule their appointments via email.


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  • ★土日祝【受付時間】10:00-16:00
  • 定休日なし

method of payment

We accept cash, credit card, and paypay. thank you for understanding. We ask patients to pay on the day of service.

Flow from visiting the hospital to treatment